St Stephen’s Church Grounds & Interior

The main entrance is from the A170 is via the Lych Gate. 

The bell tower is best seen from the car park entrance – it housed two bells. In 1841 a brass bell was removed which was inscribed in Latin “I H C : CAMPANA : BEATE” MARIE“ (The Bell of Blessed Mary), followed by the sacred monogram of our Saviour. 

The Church in Snainton appears to have been without a bell for thirty years until a replacement was installed on Christmas eve 1844 

In fact, two bells were installed in 1844 – one for ringing and the other just for the sake of appearance as it was made of wood! Both were still in use in 1930 when an appraisal for repairs took place prior to repairs by Hy Smith, March 1930- the sketch was part of his appraisal:

“The double western bellcote contains two bells one of bronze and one of wood. The timber one is the smaller about 18 inches in diameter and occupies the northern opening. The wood was cracked open in places and the lip has broken away in two zones

This replica of an old painting of St Mary’s Chapel hangs inside the Church near the font. A handwritten record on the back notes that it was given to the Church by Lieutenant Colonel H C H Illingworth of Headon Lodge in 1949.

The note also mentions that the original Chapel was:

“rebuilt as a Parliamentary Church” 

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