As charities, the churches which form this Benefice are mainly funded by giving from its congregation, volunteers, local community and visitors. It is this generosity that enables each church to:

  • pay its bills, such as: grass cutting, water, heat and lighting
  • maintain the church building
  • contribute to the cost of providing clergy
  • put on activities, events and services
  • manage our finances
  • invest for the future

As with many churches, our finances have never been so tight and with increasing costs it is important that we work together and reduce expenditure where ever possible and support fundraising activities. 

Our churches regularly have a “Gift Day”, inviting the community into church and to make a donation towards its general running costs and Fabric.

How to make a donation

Your support enables us to continue our work in the community and to maintain our much loved historic buildings.

  • regular standing order (S/O) by bacs into the church bank account (S/O forms can be downloaded below)
  • one off bacs payment into the church bank account (link to bank details is shown below)
  • cash donation during a service, event, activity or by placing it in a wall safe
  • cheque donation (addressed to the individual church) during a service, event, activity, handing it to any PCC member or by placing it in a wall safe
  • leaving a gift in your will, leaving a lasting legacy
  • making a donation online via our website or in person via debit card (participating PCCs only)
  • we are currently exploring opportunities to offer donations by Direct Debit

For your church bank details please visit their page (Brompton, Wykeham, Langdale End, Snainton, Hutton Buscel).

Church of England guidance on leaving a lasting gift in your Will can be found here.

Planned Giving:

Planned Giving ensures that we put by enough each week or month to support the things we believe are good and worthwhile. 

Donations are usually made through one of the weekly planned giving envelopes in cash or direct into the church bank account by bacs.

Planning our giving is good for our churches because it allows PCCs to plan effectively, and enables mission to be budgeted based on a known income. Whatever method you choose, your regular gift and your generosity is greatly appreciated by your local church.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer the church can claim back a further 25p on every pound you donate, making your giving to the church far more effective. 

To enable the church to do this you need to complete a Gift Aid Declaration (for multiple donations) or a one off donation envelope. These can be found on pews and at the back of each church. 

For multiple donations, remember to quote your Gift Aid number on each envelope or when paying by Standing Order. 

For more information please speak with one of the Church Wardens or visit

Standing Orders

Through the envelope scheme individuals receive a Gift Aid number to quote of their weekly envelope, although this can be quite labour intensive, churches still have to count each donation at the end of services and make a trip to the bank.

Choosing to give by Standing Order direct into the church bank account is secure, allows the same advantage to churches of planned income, and also reduces administration and cost.

Standing orders can be set up with your bank over the phone, online, mobile banking app or in branch.  To enable you to do this, please visit your church page for their bank details: (Brompton, Wykeham, Langdale End, Snainton, Hutton Buscel).

Free Will Offering – Where Does My Money Go?

Part of your general donations help us pay our Free Will Offering to York Diocese, which pays for Clergy.

How much should I give?

St Paul wrote a lot about giving in his letters; he encouraged Christians to give money to the church in a regular, organised, and sacrificial way. But how much we give is ultimately up to us, and our personal circumstances.

The Old Testament sets out the concept of proportionate giving by ‘tithe’, suggesting that 10% of your wealth should be given back to God through the church or other good causes. Today, the Church of England follows this principle by recommending 5% of your income as a donation to the church, and 5% to other charities.



To make a donation online please select your Parochial Church Council and follow the instructions:

Hutton Buscel PCC 

 – Wykeham PCC 

 – Brompton PCC


Thank you for providing the resources to enable us to continue our work in the local community and to maintain our much loved historic buildings and grounds.