Parish Fees & Guidance

It’s worth noting that the Church of England sets these fees nationally every year beginning in January. So, if you are planning a ceremony for next year now, then you should note that the fees may be different depending on what changes are made later this year for the following years’ fees.

National Fees


Local Fees

Organist (agent*) / CD Operator (agent*)£70.00£50.00
Verger (agent*)£40.00£40.00
Sidesman (agent*)£25.00£25.00
Heating £30.00£30.00
Housekeeping £30.00£30.00
Extra Venue Time (per hour)£10.00£10.00
Contribution to Clergy Travel Expenses £10.00£10.00
The taking of films, videos or sound recordings£40.00£30.00
Light refreshmentsas agreedas agreed
Optional Heritage Gift£30.00£30.00

Please be aware, if you would like to have bells at your wedding, it is up to the couple to engage the bellringers directly. Ringers can come from miles around, please contact Mr Martin Tubbs, a member of Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers, Scarborough & District for more information on 01723 859454 or 07422 527132.

Running a beautiful historic church and village churchyard and grounds is a very expensive business, and we invite a donation towards that, and if you are able to ‘Gift Aid’ this, it would be much appreciated (each church is a charity).

Ceremony Fee Payment

If required, the clergy responsible for the (wedding/funeral/burial) service will provide the family, Funeral Director or the couple with an invoice with a breakdown of the fees due (with the split between those for the local church and York Diocesan Board of Finance).

All fees are payable to the individual church by cheque or by bacs payment. Inline with The Church of England guidance, cash payments are not accepted. 

For the relevant church bank details, contact number and postal address please visit their individual page:

Grave / Memorial Fees, Application Forms and Guidance

Lupton & Fawcett LLP’s is the appointed Registrar for the Diocese of York. Click below to view the latest guidance and information.

*Fees and application forms correct as at 01/01/2020.

*National Fees, these cover the legal necessities, the cost of York Diocese of providing clergy, your Banns, the marriage certificate, lighting and basic administration.

*Organist, Verger and Sidemen: each church has appointed volunteer(s) or agent(s) to undertake these services, which are subject to availability. Please liaise with the appointed provider on your specific needs. If you would like a service above the standard (eg have the heating on more, additional support from a Verger or specific sheet music), additional fees will be due as agreed.

*The Verger organises the practical management of the church for your ceremony and is in attendance at the time of the wedding rehearsal (or undertakes various funeral/burial preparations on site ussualy with The Funeral Director) and the main service to assist the member of clergy. If you are expecting a large number of attendees, Vergers are usually supported by one or more Sidesman to help: greet members of the congregation, oversee seating arrangements in church and with general housekeeping before and after the ceremony.

*Bellringers can come from miles around, please contact Mr Martin Tubbs, (member of Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers, Scarborough & District) for more information on 01723 859454 or 07422 527132.

*Flower Fee, this is charges to cover the cost of the removal of flowers when spent (contributing to a brown bin license), the additional cost of housekeeping due to flowers/leaves/twigs etc and the use of any available church stands.

*The taking of films, videos and sound recordings can lead to legal and safety implications (eg copy right, the preforming rights of musicians, trip hazards from extra trailing sockets and wires) . No church in this Benefice hold a Church Copyright Licence, therefore, the couple/family/Funeral Director is responsible for securing a Limited Manufacture Licence from PRS for Music, if required. They are also responsible for ensuring all electrical equipment is PAT testing and visual inspected before bringing electrical equipment into the retrospective church and any wires used do not cause a trip hazard.

*Heritage Gift, this is an optional general donation to enable us to invest in the buildings for future generation, it’s your legacy to our historic buildings and grounds.

*A wedding deposit of £100 is payable at the time of initial booking. This is part of the total fee and will be deducted from the final cost payable prior to your wedding date.  We prefer to return deposits if weddings are cancelled, but will not be able to do so if we’ve already turned away another couple who wanted the same date, or if significant time has already been expended in organising your service. All payments to be received in advance of your wedding day.


To make a donation online please select your Parochial Church Council and follow the instructions:

Hutton Buscel PCC 

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 – Brompton PCC 

Thank you for providing the resources to enable us to continue our work in the local community and to maintain our much loved historic buildings and grounds.