Sunday 5th June 2016

raising_from_deadThe second Sunday after Trinity

Today we hear how Jesus raises from the dead the only son of a widow and restores him to her. Like those who witnessed this miracle, let us glorify God, giving thanks for his love and compassion towards us and all who are in need.

Services this week:

8.00 am BCP Communion (Snainton)

9.30 am Holy Eucharist (Hutton Buscel)

11.00 am Holy Eucharist (Brompton)

2.30 pm Evening Prayer (Landale End)

6.30 pm BCP Evensong (Wykeham)


1 Kings 17.17-24
Galatians 1.11-24
Luke 7.11-17

Please pray for:

All who are ill especially: Susan Lawson-Tancred, Clementine Evans, Sue Jewitt, Andrew Robinson, Peter Shutt, Natalie Mason, Alison Hoff, John Gale.

Those no longer able to worship with us, especially: Doreen Carter, Muriel Little, Audrey Mason, Bob & Audrey Clements, Joan Dean.

All who have died recently especially: Doris Nestfileld, Win Jackson, Erasmus Harland.


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