Christian Meditation Group

Unknown-7This group meets fortnightly on a Saturday morning at St Stephen’s Church, Snainton.

Christian meditation is a form of silent prayer using a mantra or prayer word, and is rooted in the Gospel, the letters of t Paul and originated with the Desert Fathers of the 4th Century.

A Benedictine Monk, Father John Main OSB (1926-1982) rediscovered this ancient prayer tradition for contemporary men and women.

To learn more about Christian Meditation, you are welcome to join the group which meets every other Saturday at 9.30 am, at St Stephen’s.

Each meeting last 1 hour and includes quiet music, a reading, 25 minutes of silent meditation, followed by a period of discussion.

For further information please contact Mr St John Harris on 01723 850684.

Lead Church: Snainton

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